Who are we?



Born in Sherbrooke (Québec) and holder of a bachelor degree in Philosophy and International Relations, Alexandre started traveling in August 2013 and did not come back since. Addicted to the outdoors, he combines travels and rock climbing, trekking, kayaking, snorkelling, cycling and extreme sports. He is also a passionate ultimate Frisbee player, his adventures bringing him to play tournaments in multiple countries like Canada, USA, France, Belgium, Turkey, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia. His thirst for getting out of his comfort zone led him to learn surfing in the Philippines and Traditional Thai Massage in Thailand, to work for a year both in China and Australia, to cross Himalayan passes alone and to set foot in North Korea.

Always trying to push back his own limits and get new experiences, Alexandre relentlessly explores the infinite possibilities of the world around us and of his own existence.



Julie describes herself as a lot of things at once : calm and nervy, hesitant and convinced. Like a weathercock going with the wind, her many interests lead her to study in several different fields: tourism, teaching, gerontology and social service. While studying, she takes advantage of every opportunity to cumulate travel and work experiences abroad (United States, Central and South America, South-East Asia, Tunisia, India, Turkey), most of the time solo. Julie is passionate about the world and the best destinations are for her the ones that provide encounters with locals and wild spaces. Photography allows her to live and share her love for the world and human beings.

Because she couldn’t to taste the freedom of a one-way ticket, she decided to go write her master’s thesis in India during winter 2017 before pursuing her adventure around the world with Alexandre.