A very special encounter

Borneo is well kown for its rich and colorful biodiversity. One evening, cruising on the Kinabatangan river on Borneo Island, we enjoyed it once more in a quite impressive way as we encountered about twenty majestic pygmy Borneo elephants coming out of their afternoon bath. What a sight!

It’s a small world, proof #83:

I met Jessica and Mikaël (two acquaintances and ultimate frisbee players from my hometown) in Thailand, more than two years after leaving Quebec. Traveling for a long time just like me, we could spend New Year’s Eve together in Chiang Mai and become friends before they continued their journey to Laos.

For my part, after Thailand, I went to the Philippines to meet a friend with whom I had taught English in China. But to enter the country I needed an exit flight ticket, something I learned at the airport… Since I believed I’d stay several months in the Philippines (and I was really late for my flight), I just quickly bought the cheapest ticket out of the country for two months later. I didn’t even check where is “Kota Kinabalu”, because it didn’t matter: I wouldn’t use the ticket anyway.

Well, probably not.

A month and a half later, with my abs injured and unable to do any physical activity (i.e. every single thing I wanted to do in the Philippines), I had to make a decision. And then I remembered my ticket.

I checked where this Kota Kinabalu was and discovered this Malaysian city on the island of Borneo. Interesting…

And then I realize: Mikaël and Jessica are somewhere in Malaysia, working in a small town whose name I forgot… I write them a message and next thing I know, they will fly to Kota Kinabalu the day before my flight.

The world is a small place.

2016-03-27 16.12.25

See you in Australia guys!