Snake blood (and other Chinese delicacies)

I was in Yangshuo yesterday, near Guilin, in southern China. A splendid region mostly characterized by amazingly odd-shaped mountains. Rivers, villages. And bits of an amazing culture.


An afternoon of wandering on our bikes in the villages and trails with a German friend. A beautiful day photographing landscapes somewhat incomprehensible, peeking in the rural lifestyle of southern China’s unique people.


But then… a party happened.

The evening.

After having dinner with a Canadian guy I had just met and a group of friends met in Zhangjiajie the previous week, I convinced them all to follow me to Monkey Jane’s Hostel.

For that:

Seven hours later, the other Canadian and I were finally sacred Beer Pong Champions, official t-shirts as a bonus.

I genuinely believe – and often say – that travelling is about the people you meet much more than the places you visit. I must admit that the marriage of the two gives creates a formidable euphoria.

I’m glad to be on the road again. I missed it.



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